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The purpose of the ESFT association is to create links between the men of the two countries through an EXCHANGE where some provide AID FOR health, educational, social and agricultural DEVELOPMENT, and others allow to take A LOOK at a society based on different VALUES.

Exchange and Solidarity France Togo focuses its action on TOGO, a small country in West Africa.  

Its action began in July 1990 and the association was born on February 6, 1998 (N ° 0224008202).

This association is recognized as being of GENERAL INTEREST and the donations entrusted to it are subject to a tax deduction of 66% of the donation.

ESFT guarantees that every Euro cent that is entrusted to it is used entirely on the ground, the small size of the NGO, and the volunteering of its members making the financial charges non-existent.

The field of its achievements is TOGO, in particular the bush village of Badja, in the south, in which the association manages an orphanage of 35 children.

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