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This association is recognized as being of GENERAL INTEREST and the donations entrusted to it are subject to  a tax reduction equal to 66% of the total payments within the limit of 20% of the taxable income of your household. (Enter box 7 UF of your income tax return the amount of payments made to organizations located in France).

You will receive a receipt for tax deduction by mail or email (please send us your email or / and postal address)

ESFT guarantees that every Euro cent that is entrusted to it is used entirely on the ground , the small size of the NGO, and the volunteering of its members making the financial charges non-existent.

Support for an orphan: € 45 per month  by direct debit, you deduct 66%, i.e. 29.7 €., it costs you 15.30 €

Regular donation to fund the solidarity fund: at your convenience  by direct debit, you deduct 66%  

Occasional donation  you deduct 66%

- by check made payable to "ESFT treasurer" and to be sent to

ESFT Patrice Bossard 17 Botier 22120 QUESSOY FRANCE,

- by transfer :


Ask us for the RIB of the association by email  :

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