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At the beginning...

The ESFT association was born out of love at first sight for Togo, from its President Patrice BOSSARD during an expedition in a 4X4 truck across the Sahara in July 1990.

Objective: live a beautiful 8000Km adventure, including crossing the Sahara, 800 km of sand and as many tracks with temperatures of 55 ° in the shade and be useful by bringing five m3 of medicines to Togo.

It was love at first sight for this wonderful country and the contact was extremely warm with the Togolese.


As a result of this stay rich in encounters, a dozen trips to TOGO with family, alone or with friends made it possible to understand and get to know more deeply this country, its inhabitants and their customs, while carrying out specific or regular actions. :

  - delivery of drugs, medical and surgical equipment (several tons) and medical books
- delivery of school materials and books and meeting with many teachers (Badja and Kévé primary school)
- consultations and medical care given on site, allowing to understand the specific needs of this region of the globe
- meeting with health stakeholders and visit to numerous establishments: University Hospital of Tonkoin Lomé, Sokodé Hospital, Togoville center for the blind, Yadé Bohou and Badja dispensary, village pharmacies of Yadé and Kéwé, infirmary and laboratory of the Niamtougou air base.

On February 6, 1998, several highly motivated supporters joined the existing nucleus and triggered the creation of the Association "Echange et Solidarité France-Togo" with the aim of increasing our efficiency.

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