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2007: Badja orphanage

Badja, a bush village located 40 km from the capital, where the Echange et Solidarité France Togo association has been working for ten years, was chosen for its location.

The Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister Delegate for Child Protection of Togo give the green light and assure the association of their cooperation in the selection of children who will be taken care of (victims of trafficking, children abandoned at birth , orphans of parents who have died of AIDS, street children, etc.).

In less than a week, a well is dug, the brush cleared and the foundations appear. The agglomerates made on site in a mold are assembled row after row. The reception of the first 12 children is planned for the beginning of 2008. For 3 to 6 months a French administrator will live on site to ensure the start-up of the establishment which should initially employ 8 people.

In the long term, 10 dormitories with 12 beds or 120 children over ten years are planned. On the financing side, pledges and funds to build the first phase were raised: Stalaven, General Council, pharmaceutical laboratories, Quessoy town hall, a painting company (Manche), Davy town school, sale of crafts, shows, donations individuals, etc.

Several sponsors are already committed to providing long-term care for a child up to € 40 per month; the tax deduction of 75% of donations, in reality reduces their contribution to 10 € per month.

The orphanage was built in Badja, a bush village (11,000 inhabitants) where the quality of life is the best (countryside), the follow-up is the most convenient (30 min from Lomé), the well-known stakeholders (nannies, cooks , seamstresses, guards, repeaters).

In addition, the proximity of the ESFT dispensary of Badja will allow the medical care of children and Siegfried VIDJRO, our representative, doctor, goes there twice a week minimum).

Finally, eggs and chickens, fruits and cereals will cost nothing, since they come from ESFT production). children.


The objective is to tear children from 1 to 5 years old from their unfavorable environment, give them the affection of an adoptive mother, feed them, house them, look after them and give them an education to make them independent.

A "nanny" for up to five children takes care of them on a regular basis during the day in the orphanage and throughout their growth. Three "nannies" for fifteen children, taking turns on the night watch.


The children are brought up in the orphanage, then entrusted to the nursery and to the local school in due time, so as to socialize them in contact with local schoolchildren. Teachers lead a study in the evening with support adapted to each person. A guard stays on site and ensures a night watch.

Health problems are entrusted to the Badja dispensary (ESFT) which resolves them or entrusts them to the Lomé CHU.

An administrator provides on-site logistics: food supply, management of linen, supplies, housekeeping and building maintenance and keeps the accounts up to date.


The ESFT representative in Lomé, Siegfried VIDJRO supervises the accounts and takes ordinary decisions by referring them to the President of ESFT (weekly report by Internet).

For operation,  motivated sponsors each take care of a child, for 40 € / month.

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