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1990-2006, the rise of ESFT's action in Togo

The years 1990-2006 allowed the development of ESFT in Togo, until 2007, when the orphanage project started in the village of Badja.

In July 1990, it was the first truck trip to transport 3 m3 of drugs. On each family trip, the team takes 100 to 150 kg of drugs and medical equipment. About ten shipments by Aviation sans Frontières (around 7 packages each time) are organized. In May 1996, 36 packages were sent through the Embassy of Togo.


From 1996, ESFT organized the sending by air of books and school materials, then reagent products and drugs (biology laboratory).

November 1999 marked the establishment of an NGO in TOGO, with the opening a few months later of a bank account in Lomé (Togo) credited with 40,000 F (20,000 F general council, 10,000 F association "1 , 2,3 soleil ", 3000 F Town Hall of Quessoy and 7000 F sale of postcards, members, fairs etc).


In 2000, an ESFT team went there to launch the expansion of the dispensary in Badja with a delivery room and two medical rooms with 12 beds (50 m2) each. The dispensary, which is now operational with a new nurse, a midwife and two assistants, is regularly supplied with essential drugs by ESFT and contributes to improving the level of health of the population.

In November 2000, Dr Patrice BOSSARD and his wife Pascale, midwife, went there for a week of consultations with a supply of free medicines: 400 patients were seen in 5 days (leprosy, dysentery, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, AIDS , pregnancies, infants, childbirth, snake bites ...).

The official inauguration took place on November 8, 2000 to the sound of the tom-tom, in the presence of traditional leaders (wooden crown) and representatives of the Togolese government. The groups of dancers and the choirs of the village decorate the solemn speeches of the speakers with their colorful shows.

In addition, the public school of "Hôpital en Quessoy" gives to the school of Badja, as every year, the earnings of its Kermesse (1300 F) for the purchase of tables and school supplies.

In December 2000, Emilie Bossard created the ESFT website.

In 2001, a truck was sent by boat to Lomé loaded with 10 m3 of drugs, medical equipment, school supplies, clothing, etc. In July 2001, free consultations at the dispensary were carried out by Dr François BOUILLOUD, ENT intern and Dr Patrice BOSSARD, (800 consultations in one week!).


Many pregnant women consult and plan to give birth at the dispensary and not "in the box" as is usual here.

In January 2002, the purchase of 300 m2 of sheets and rafters allowed the repair of the roof of the public primary school in Badja. That same year, the ESFT bought equipment (5 wheelbarrows, 7 cutters, 7 shovels, 7 pickaxes, 7 pairs of boots, 7 pairs of gloves) which was officially handed over to a group of 7 volunteers who took part in exchange to ensure the maintenance of the outskirts of the village (paths, squares, landfill, ditches ...).

In 2003, the equipment of the Badja dispensary continued with the supply of 2 neonatal beds, 2 wheel stretchers, 3 wheelchairs, 1 examination table, 1 gyneco table, 1 pediatric scale, disinfectants, sterile gloves, drugs, fluids infusion sets, tubing, needles etc.


In May 2003, the ESFT provided logistical support for the construction of a dispensary in the north of Alibi (prefecture of Tchamba) to the association "ENSEMBLE POUR LE TOGO" in Bordeaux.  

The construction of 3 public toilet buildings in the village in 2003 considerably improved the local health status and reduced parasitic and bacterial diseases.

2003 saw the continuation of the sponsorships intended to educate the 60 children who could not go to school, for lack of means, for the most part orphans or abandoned children. They are committed to doing well in class so that their sponsor is proud of them!


The ESFT educates a child for 1 year with the 20 Euros generously given by the sponsor. The godchildren correspond in a personalized way with their godfather who receives a photo of the child and his address. Several sponsors are visiting their godchild in the near future.  

In 2003, 300 books of different subjects and classes are offered by the College of Moncontour are given to the students of the college of Badja. The "EPHPHATA" school for the deaf in Lomé is provided with a complete computer, printer, sound card and microphone (donation from the Banque de France de St Brieuc to ESFT) for use of a speech aid software .

At the same time, a breeding development program in Badja was launched, with the start in spring 2003 of a pig breeding under the control of our representative Siegfried VIDJRO. A fish-farming pond in Badja was put into service in June supplied by a well, a pump and a generator.

The year 2004 was devoted to the preparation of the various projects which will see their completion in 2005: discussions with the Minister of Health Mrs. Suzanne EHO to obtain the authorization to build a unit of care in Lomé renewal of the "agreement - program "which governs our relations with the Togolese government (NGO status) requires an" establishment agreement "which formalizes the head office of ESFT in Lomé, and must facilitate the procedures, obtaining visas, exit of containers from port, student internships etc. collection of medical, surgical, radiographic, school equipment, professional sewing machines, etc.


The procedures for obtaining an X-ray truck reformed by the General Council of Côtes d'Armor are successful as well as its funding (concert, sale of crafts, solicitation of sponsors ...).

The year 2006 was very rich, with the creation of a first aid care unit in Lomé, the dispatch of a 40 m3 container of medical and school equipment, the arrival of the "laboratory x-ray" truck by boat. , the creation of a sewing learning center, the construction of the 2nd phase of 3 public toilets in Badja and the continuation of the sponsorship and support action for schools.

In April 2006, it was the trip to Togo of a Savoyard football team and the construction of a stand / locker room at the Badja stadium.

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